Experiential Living

Learning through Self-discovery using introspection, exploration, discovering and finally achieving goals is encouraged at IACA. We believe for our participants to excel they need to discover and adapt themselves to the changing times. Experiential Living enables our audiences to create these experiences and live them to bring changes in their Being and Doing. 

OutBound Programs (OBTs)

Experiential learning is a way of life for IACA’s participants. We allow participants to explore, introspect, experiment and co-create on their journey of development and collaboration. And to enable this we conduct a lot of Outbound Interventions.
These interventions serve a dual purpose of creating a conducive learning environment while being away from the workplace. And secondly fosters higher levels of trust, improved relationships and increased bonding within the teams. Experiential learning forums also enable higher levels of integration and bonding between cross-cultural and inter-departmental teams as teams meet and understand their realities and challenges.

Management Simulations & Games

Management simulation games bring an experiential aspect to gaining insights into complex systems and business scenarios. Audiences who participate in a simulation can see the immediate impact/consequences of their decisions and learn how to juggle competing priorities amidst a constant influx of information. These experiences are practical, relevant, and engaging.

Yoga & Holistic Well-Being

A happy, healthy and balanced life integrates all aspects of wellness. For our holistic well-being, we must look at our physical, mental, emotional and energetic body as a complete entity. Making a healthy well-being choice helps you transform your life for better in the long run.

We create a holistic blend of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being for you and your loved ones. Our Healers and Yoga experts create programs for you that start you on a well-being journey to which you commit and we guide.

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