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Exploring I, Me, Myself – the Woman within Me

Her resilience shined in her willingness to accept life as a valuable learning experience

IACA welcomes you to tap into the support, training, and tools you need to empower yourself as a woman; to deepen your inner wisdom. We enable you to:

  • Release old patterns and painful emotions
  • Understand how to accept and connect to self and to love yourself
  • Access your inner wisdom and intuition
  • Know that you have everything you need, inside yourself
We want you to appreciate the moments of inspiration and abundance that represent your own true feminine nature: strong, loving and powerful.


Use Personal Strengths to find meaning

#Creating Transformations

Transforming tough conversations

#My Ways

Engaging with others on one’s own terms

The Approach

An invaluable adventure into your inner landscape through:



I am Important
My Value & Belief System


ReConnecting with
my Strengths


Accepting and Building
on my Strengths


The New Me and
my Future Plans 

What Shifts do you create....

How do you benefit from this program:

  • We will help you to co-create your safe space through Inspiration and Alignment to know your own space and worth
  • Create your own persona and alter-ego to own your success
  • Own your energy by Saying NO to Play Small
  • Find method to your madness - your energy and power and find what you resonate with the most 
  • Create deep relationships and intimacy with your own self to feel powerful
Are you ready to see how your life could be different? We are ready to have you join us. 
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