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For the Green Caterpillar, it’s about his “I wish” into “I will”

The green caterpillar isn’t happy with his green color, instead, he wills for a beautiful colorful body. And to make this wish a reality and with the desire to transform himself he decides to go into a cocoon and spend a few days with himself. And after 21 days voila a beautiful vibrant butterfly appears from the cocoon. And the “I Wish” for the caterpillar changed to “I Will"

Core Services

Content Ideation
Content Ideation

Each content that is ideated, developed and delivered, uses the problem/need statement as the base, complemented with tools, frameworks and methodologies to facilitate learning and skill enhancement. Whilst varied tools and formats are built into the design and delivery, our focus is integrating the VAK learning style in our design

Coaching & Mentoring
Coaching & Mentoring
IACA’s Coaches and Mentors facilitate the exploration of needs, motivations, desires, skills and thought processes to assist the clients in making real, lasting change. Using techniques to facilitate the client’s own thought processes to identify solutions and actions through thought-provoking and creative processes
Capability Building
Capability Building

We enable organizations to identify, build and strategize ways of continuous improvement and consistent performance by using the right combination of people, processes and technology. Our experts create responsive strategies that enable creative upskilling, attitudinal shifts and mindset changes

Virtual Workplace – The New New

Inclusion and collaboration is the new ask of the virtual workplace. To adapt to the new ask teams have to collaborate yet be away from each other, achieve goals together but not be there to high-5 each other physically. Being trusting of each other is the most essential currency of today followed by Compassion, Empathy, Connectedness and Kindness. We are dealing with people and emotions and it is essential to be there for each other.

Team IACA Global brings to you “The Virtual Workways” a series of programs that will enable your teams to become Virtual Experts. 

  1. The Virtual Facilitator - Shifting the platform from classroom to virtual doesn't mean that we are ready to run the programs. We have to enable the facilitator’s mindset shift along with the audience mindset shift to enable success. Through our program "The Virtual Facilitator" we enable facilitators to use online tools to make their sessions interactive, ways of integrating games and activities during virtual sessions to keep participants engaged throughout the sessions. The program also focuses on knowing technology mannerisms and etiquette for conducting virtual sessions.
  2. The Virtual Instructional Designer - The focus of this program is to enable IDs, and Content writers to create engaging and interactive content for Virtual classrooms. We enable teams to build effective transitions through the content, byways of integrating technology, tools, and games for higher learner engagement during the virtual sessions. They learn to adapt their content for online and virtual programs while weaving the human factor into the content.

  3. The Virtual Conference – We will enable your teams to understand the Virtual Meeting Etiquette to conduct conferences and meetings without allowing fatigue, boredom and people disconnect to happen. Teams will learn to adapt to the new ways of working in achieving meeting agenda and goals.
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